What’s the Story?

Sometime in 2010, Playgroup Festival was founded by the people of Brighton in a beautiful field just North of the city.

It was lovely, people had fun – they dressed up, made new friends, cavorted in the sunshine (and not so sunshine) and were very happy – in 2011 and 2012, it got a little bigger and we all wished it could be small again.

So, we made it small again.

This year, only 500 people will get to experience Playgroup Festival, a gathering of like minded souls that will listen to the sound of the grass grow and the occasional 30 piece carnival band.

With a stunning new secret location about 25 minutes from Brighton and an even more clandestine line-up with some of the countries best musicians, artists and walkabout performers, I guess you’ll just have to trust us, but if any of our last parties are anything to go by, we think you’ll have a very good time.

Always remember, YOU are the festival…